Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the social side of Lancaster Law Society. Our job as your social secretaries is to ensure that you all have as much fun as possible and give you a well-deserved break from studies by organising and providing you with fantastic and unforgettable events. We want to offer you all with as many social opportunities as possible which will enable you to make friends and contacts within the society and get to know other people who have an interest in Law, but more importantly have an amazing time with amazing people.

Throughout the year we will be planning events to keep you all entertained whether they are held in Lancaster or further a-field in other towns and cities. These events will range from bar crawls on the stunning Lancaster campus, trips to other beautiful cities within the UK, nights out in the centre of Lancaster town. Other events held will be ‘Law Fest’ which will be a post-exam camping party and the glamorous spring Law Ball and how could we forget the infamous trip abroad. All of these events are intended to be as inclusive as possible across all year groups and for anyone with an interest in law and we hope to get a great turn out for all of them! We intend to make all events as cheap and accessible as possible so that everyone can get involved as often as they can.

We are both really approachable and friendly individuals and we welcome any ideas, comments or thoughts on any previous or upcoming socials, as we feel it is important that you are as much of a part of socials as we are, your input would be much appreciated.

We feel passionately about making everyone feel welcome and getting everyone involved and we encourage everyone to attend as many socials as you can and help to gain the most memorable nights/days out while we are students at Lancaster while making friends for life.

Don’t hesitate at all to get in touch with either of us at:

Roxanne and Symi 🙂

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